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Back to Work: 4 Makeup Shopping Tips

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Cleanse and Refresh

Before you go shopping, take a hard look at your current makeup collection. Has that mascara seen better days? Does that lipstick actually dry out your lips? Toss what you are not reaching for, products that are old or have an odor. Next, think about your go to look- is it professional and work appropriate? You may need to make some tweaks. For example, you find your makeup does not last throughout the day, or you have last minute meetings and you find you don't have time for touch ups. Adding something like a makeup setting spray coupled with a primer can make your makeup last twice as long.

Adding thoughtful items that address your concerns will motivate you to follow through with your makeup routine and is a better use of your time and money.

2. Creating A Go To Look

Having a professional, go with everything look that you can wear to work is essential. Depending on your workplace, this will be different for everyone. What a yoga teacher wears to her class will be different than the advertising executive. Booking an in-store consultation is a good idea. You don't need to plan on buying everything that day, but it will give you an idea of what you may want to add to your collection, or things to avoid.

For women looking for more help with makeup, I recommend a makeup lesson. Most of my clients are professional women looking to learn the basics of an everyday look. A list of products and tools as well as recommendations is provided with every session, and is a great tool to guide you in your shopping for the future, which leads us to our next step: making a list.

3. Make a List

Creating a list will give you an objective when you go makeup shopping, and will give you a starting point when you enter the store. We all get distracted by shiny highlighter palettes, but who really needs more than one of these for their day to day life? Once you have retrieved the products you were after to complete your work look, than you can have a look and a play at the new launches or other goodies that are on offer. 

4. Ask for Help

Everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to skincare and makeup. That is what the store associates are there for, so use them! If they recommend something to you, ask them why they like it. Tell them what you have and what you are missing and they can make pointed suggestions, which will help streamline all the options that are available. 

Glowing From Within- Highlighting Tips For Oily Skin

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Highlighting or "strobing" is very on trend at the moment, but it can be difficult to master. Throw oily skin into the mix, and you can end up emphasizing your shine in a greasy rather than glowy way. Here are my tips for mastering the glow:

When To Highlight Is Key

If you normally apply your highlighter near the end of your makeup routine, try switching things up. Start with a cream highlight under your foundation- the foundation will lock in the glow, but in a subtle way. After moisturizing and priming your skin (more on that below) tap a small amount of cream highlight on the tops of your cheek bones. You can do a couple thin layers if you want a longer lasting finish. Then apply your makeup how you normally would and a soft glow will shine through.

Prime Time

If you like to use a glowy primer all over the face, you may want to be a bit more strategic. Apply an oil controlling or mattifying primer on your most oily spots, or where makeup seems to disappear, and apply your glowy primer only on the areas you want a glow. Preping your skin properly will ensure longevity and will help the makeup to look natural and like a second skin.

Center Stage

Many of the YouTube and Instagram beauty gurus will tell you to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose, the forehead and even the chin. If you are oily, this is a big no-no. The "T-zone" is notorious for oil production, and highlighting that area will only bring more attention to your shine. If you love highlighter, you can still highlight your cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and slightly on the tops of the brows, right above the arches. You still get that lovely glowy effect without bringing all the shine to your face. Bonus tip, use a small brush for more control, and blend the edges with your foundation or concealer brush for seamless strobeing goodness.

Product Placement

Finally, look for a highlighter that imparts a glow or sheen to the skin rather than a shimmer or glitter. These types of products will give a lovely glossy and healthy finish without looking over the top. Start small, because you can always add more shine, but it is more difficult to take it away.

Tips for Looking Fresh With No Makeup

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Even though I am a professional makeup artist, I find no makeup days are necessary. Giving your skin a break is important to me, and I tell my clients this all the time. I have no makeup days and I like them. If you are having a no makeup day (or week, which is ok too) but still want to look and feel fresh and put together, here are some of my tips to get you there:

1. Get to know your eyelash curler

Curling your eyelashes makes a big difference to how awake you look. It really opens up your eyes. Most people clamp down once, and then apply their mascara. Really pumping the curler and making sure to do each corner is really important. Spending a little time really curling your lashes will make a big difference. Invest in a good curler (I like the Charlotte Tilbury one), and clean it regularly. Most come with an extra sponge. If your curler isn't working as well anymore, replace the sponge and it will be like new. Another tip is to tilt the curler up after you clamp down, to really lift the roots. If you are a perfectionist, brush the lashes out with a lash comb after curling.

2. Cold water + glowup

Washing your face with cold water brings some life to your skin, and it will wake you up too. Apply a moisturizer that is not too heavy with an SPF. Really massage it into your skin and get your blood flowing. I like to mix my daytime moisturizer with a glowy one, to get a little bit of glow and blurring of pores action. It also adds some dimension to the face without the use of contour (think non-tour!)

3.Tweeze and brush brows

Tame the brows. If that means you need to trim them, tweeze them or get them threaded, do it because it will really make a difference. Brush through the hairs and let them stand a bit straight. This will give them a youthful look and make your eyes look slightly lifted.

4. Eye drops 

If you have red or dry eyes, use some eye drops. Especially in the cooler months, with all the heaters, keep a bottle at your desk. The whites of your eyes will look brighter and you will look fresher .

5. Exfoliate lips and moisturize

Work some Vaseline over your lips and roll a Qtip over the top and bottom lip. Be gentle, but do this for a while to get rid of all the dead skin. Apply a rich balm that will last throughout the day (I like the Clarins Lip Oil and Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask)

6. Self tan your face

A little self tanner designed for your face gives a healthy glow and evens out the complexion. If you wear self tanner a lot, this is a no brainer for you. For those that do not, and have a medium to dark complexion, I would give it a go (Again, try Clarins).

7. Top Knot

This step is optional, but with no makeup, go for a hairstyle that will lift everything like a top knot or half-up top knot. Tying hair back makes most people look younger and it gets it out of your way so you can get on with your day. 

Champagne & Ivory Bridal Makeup

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Photos by Purple Tree Photography | Makeup by Face Time with Daniela

With all the makeup trends leaning towards stronger, bolder looks we see online, I wanted to bring things back to a softer, more natural bridal makeup. Fierce brows, strong contour and bold lips are fun and dramatic, but there is no replacing a timeless classic. With a classic silhouette; a wedding dress being a perfect example, I think the makeup should match and enhance the lady wearing it. For this lovely bride, I kept things understated, demure and refined. No glitter highlighter, no painted on brows. I think all those trends are fun to wear and experiment with, but on your wedding day, what is better than a little romance, and pictures you can look back on and know you look elegant and timeless. 

For this look, I chose a soft minky and champagne eyeshadow palette by Dior. The colours worked well with her skin tone, and didn't overwhelm her features. For the lips, I went with a pinky nude liquid lipstick that dried down to a more caramel finish. With nude lips, it is important to have some pink in there, for a more natural look. Beigey nude lips do not look natural, as most people have a bit of natural colour to their lips. I also added some Ardell individual false lashes, to fill out the lash line and give that fluttery and romantic look to the eyes. Brows were defined with a powder, inkeeping with the soft and elegant look we were going for.

Pro Kit Essentials- How a Product Makes it into My Kit

Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (2)

I often get asked what I use in my kit, or what is the best makeup brand. The honest answer would take up a lot of time because there are so many factors at play in my process of choosing what products make the cut. For instance, I want a cream eyeshadow to set, but not too fast, so I have time to blend it. The colour has to look modern but also timeless, and the texture should smooth over any eyelid, whether it is oily or has fine lines. I could go on about cream eyeshadow all day, but here are 5 factors that play a big role in helping me decide if a product or tool has what it takes to make it into my pro makeup kit: 

1. Testing

From foundation to blush and everything in between, I test everything before it makes it into my kit and onto the faces of my clients. I always test for any kind of flashback, especially from base products like concealer and foundation. Flash back is that white cast you see in photos sometimes. It can be minor or extreme, from reverse raccoon eyes to floating head syndrome (when the face is a completely different shade than the neck and chest). This is crucial for bridal makeup, as I won't know if a certain photographer decides to use flash or not. 

2. Tone and Texture

The way a product sits on the skin and the colour and tone are very important. Along with the things that the product needs to do, eg. a concealer needs to have enough coverage to conceal, but does it sit in fine lines, does it set, does it have the right undertone to combat dark circles, does it brighten...all these factors come into play. When I have a client and I select a concealer from my kit, I can know without a single doubt that it will perform as I need it to, it will feel light and breathable on the skin and it will be long lasting if not waterproof.

3. Does it multi-task

Can this highlighter add a subtle glow when mixed with foundation? Does this powder look too dry on mature skin? When I say multitask, I mean does it work in all the ways I need it to, for whatever situation I find myself in. Products that I come back to again and again, that I would repurchase in an instant, have this effect. They work for a multitude of skin tones and textures. This applies to brushes as well. 

4. Is it Special

This might seem weird, but I have encountered formulas and textures that are like no other. They tic all the boxes: waterproof, budge-proof, comfortable, photograph well, work on everyone; easy to carry and find in a pinch, have an amazing colour selection. Yes often these products are expensive, but are 100% worth the investment. 

5. What do the Pros say

I also take the time to see what the pros are using- particularly red carpet makeup artists. To me, red carpet makeup must be flawless, but not over the top, as to not outshine the actress or celeb wearing it. It must also look amazing in photographs, and stay put all night from arriving on the carpet to making an acceptance speech. I take note of what these professionals are using day in and day out. 

By Daniela

Youthful & Fresh Makeup Tips

Posted on January 25, 2017 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Skip the Eyeliner

Skip the eye shadow too. A fresh and youthful look feels light, even if you spend some time on your makeup. Skip the smokey eyes or darker shadows. What you wnat to create is a bright and even toned lid. You can achieve this with a colour correcting primer and concealer, or a satin cream shadow that is very close to your skin tone. 

Rosy and Dewy

Keep the skin dewy and fresh looking. I like to use an illuminating primer to give my skin a lift when it is dull, especially in the winter. I like a healthy amount of cream blush too- pat it on with fingers on to the cheekbones and blend upwards. I like blush to sit quite high on the face, to lift the complexion. If you are oily, use a cream highlighter under your foundation for a subtle glow, and follow with a powder blush.

Brush those Brows

Fluffy, full brows are #goals when you want a little youth boosting. A tinted brow gel will get the job done, adding tone and texture to the brows. 

Get Lashy

A good volumizing and lengthening mascara is key to this look (don't forget to curl!). With a smooth clean lid, the lashes will really pop. To widen eyes, make sure to apply more to the center, giving a doll eyed look. Finish with a just bitten lip stain, in the centre of the lips. I also like to really exfoliate the lips, to get them smooth and some colour to the area, and then top with a clear gloss.