How to Get the Most out of Your Bridal Makeup Trial

Posted on January 9, 2017 at 5:10 PM

Bareface is Best

When you arrive, that is! Come in to your trial with no makeup and clean, exfoliated skin. Hair should be pulled off the face as well. I recommend beginning the trial with no makeup so we don't waste any time removing your makeup, and there is no residue left behind from the makeup remover that may interfere with the look.


Plan for Success

I always recommend planing the trial makeup around an event you have, a bridal shower, engagement photo shoot or a dress fitting. You will be more apt to wear the makeup for the whole day and really test it out, see the wear time, and if we need to make any tweaks.


Working Makeup

The trial is an important prepatory stage There is always room for improvement. If it is the first time I am doing your makeup, I will need feedback. There could be a better product out there for you, and your feedback is crucial to making the wedding day makeup 100% perfect.


Baby Steps

Trial means trying things out, so why not go for something a little out of your comfort zone. Lashes are a big if not the biggest game changer for wedding makeup, but many brides are hesitant to wear them, especially if they never have before. 99% of the time, brides love the lashes and found them more comfortable than they had imagined. The trial is an opportunity to test the waters for the day, so why not take advantage?


Take Pics Throughout the Day

How the makeup photographs is key. I take pictures with and without flash on the day of the trial, but it never hurts to take pictures on your phone throughout the day as well. Even a little note about how the makeup is wearing will make a big difference. The more information you can give me, and pictures, the better.


Makeup Inspiration

I recommend a max. of two pictures for bridal makeup inspiration at the trial. I find choosing a dozen pictures is actually going to confuse you more. Sometimes too many options can make you feel instantly decisive. If you keep it to two, and explain what you like and don't like about each look, it helps to narrow down what you are looking for.


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