Youthful & Fresh Makeup Tips

Posted on January 25, 2017 at 9:25 AM

Skip the Eyeliner

Skip the eye shadow too. A fresh and youthful look feels light, even if you spend some time on your makeup. Skip the smokey eyes or darker shadows. What you wnat to create is a bright and even toned lid. You can achieve this with a colour correcting primer and concealer, or a satin cream shadow that is very close to your skin tone. 

Rosy and Dewy

Keep the skin dewy and fresh looking. I like to use an illuminating primer to give my skin a lift when it is dull, especially in the winter. I like a healthy amount of cream blush too- pat it on with fingers on to the cheekbones and blend upwards. I like blush to sit quite high on the face, to lift the complexion. If you are oily, use a cream highlighter under your foundation for a subtle glow, and follow with a powder blush.

Brush those Brows

Fluffy, full brows are #goals when you want a little youth boosting. A tinted brow gel will get the job done, adding tone and texture to the brows. 

Get Lashy

A good volumizing and lengthening mascara is key to this look (don't forget to curl!). With a smooth clean lid, the lashes will really pop. To widen eyes, make sure to apply more to the center, giving a doll eyed look. Finish with a just bitten lip stain, in the centre of the lips. I also like to really exfoliate the lips, to get them smooth and some colour to the area, and then top with a clear gloss. 

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