Pro Kit Essentials- How a Product Makes it into My Kit

Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:35 PM

I often get asked what I use in my kit, or what is the best makeup brand. The honest answer would take up a lot of time because there are so many factors at play in my process of choosing what products make the cut. For instance, I want a cream eyeshadow to set, but not too fast, so I have time to blend it. The colour has to look modern but also timeless, and the texture should smooth over any eyelid, whether it is oily or has fine lines. I could go on about cream eyeshadow all day, but here are 5 factors that play a big role in helping me decide if a product or tool has what it takes to make it into my pro makeup kit: 

1. Testing

From foundation to blush and everything in between, I test everything before it makes it into my kit and onto the faces of my clients. I always test for any kind of flashback, especially from base products like concealer and foundation. Flash back is that white cast you see in photos sometimes. It can be minor or extreme, from reverse raccoon eyes to floating head syndrome (when the face is a completely different shade than the neck and chest). This is crucial for bridal makeup, as I won't know if a certain photographer decides to use flash or not. 

2. Tone and Texture

The way a product sits on the skin and the colour and tone are very important. Along with the things that the product needs to do, eg. a concealer needs to have enough coverage to conceal, but does it sit in fine lines, does it set, does it have the right undertone to combat dark circles, does it brighten...all these factors come into play. When I have a client and I select a concealer from my kit, I can know without a single doubt that it will perform as I need it to, it will feel light and breathable on the skin and it will be long lasting if not waterproof.

3. Does it multi-task

Can this highlighter add a subtle glow when mixed with foundation? Does this powder look too dry on mature skin? When I say multitask, I mean does it work in all the ways I need it to, for whatever situation I find myself in. Products that I come back to again and again, that I would repurchase in an instant, have this effect. They work for a multitude of skin tones and textures. This applies to brushes as well. 

4. Is it Special

This might seem weird, but I have encountered formulas and textures that are like no other. They tic all the boxes: waterproof, budge-proof, comfortable, photograph well, work on everyone; easy to carry and find in a pinch, have an amazing colour selection. Yes often these products are expensive, but are 100% worth the investment. 

5. What do the Pros say

I also take the time to see what the pros are using- particularly red carpet makeup artists. To me, red carpet makeup must be flawless, but not over the top, as to not outshine the actress or celeb wearing it. It must also look amazing in photographs, and stay put all night from arriving on the carpet to making an acceptance speech. I take note of what these professionals are using day in and day out. 

By Daniela

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