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35 or Older? Tips to Help Navigate the World of Makeup

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)


In the Instagram world we live in today, there is digital beauty, tutorials, tips, blogs, vlogs and everything in between telling you about the latest product launch and why you need it. And while I love the world of beauty, it can be a very overwhelming place. To be honest for a minute, a lot of these new trends or techniques really will work out pretty well for the younger gals. I am finding, being 36, that I must be picky with my makeup, and I encourage you to do the same, especially of you are over 30. The skin is just not what it used to be, and I am noticing fine lines and texture I never really noticed before.

So if you feel utterly clueless sometimes about the world of makeup, and you are not a teen or fall just out of the millennial realm, then these tips are for you.



My first tip is, and full disclaimer, these tips are very basic guidelines, that I think will help you find flattering, easy makeup that you can wear everyday and feel confident and polished. So, as I was saying, my first tip is to stay away from dark makeup.



Looking fresh and polished is a great approach to makeup, and one I often teach to my clients. That being said, the main purpose of makeup, in this way, is to bring definition to your features, and light to the shadowy parts. Brightening, youthful and “lit from within” is the vibe I am going for here. Makeup that is natural and fresh, does not really include these deeper tones. Stick to pinks, peaches and nude tones. If you like a little more colour, than coral, caramel and golds should suffice. Stick to a lighter colour palette, and you will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to choosing products and shades.


My next tip is focused on what goes under the makeup, and that is skin care. So tip #2 is skincare, the time is now. Your makeup will only look as good as the skin it is applied to, and that skin needs some TLC. It doesn’t have to be a dozen products, you can get away with a good cleanser (one that removes makeup is a bonus), day moisturizer, and a night cream. Add a hydrating lip balm and your made in the shade. I have listed some of my current favourites below, but skin care is very personal.


Third, and as important as the first two, is the hotly debated “drugstore” versus “high end” makeup. Now, my personal feelings aside; I truly have found that drugstore base products, so your concealer, foundation and powder, is not going to cut it, when you are past your twenties. So tip #3 is: for the base, stay away from the drugstore. Investing in the skin is key; and if there were ever a time to splurge, it would be on a proper foundation, or tinted moisturizer. This will be applied to your face almost every day, and like your skin care, should work easily and be a joy to apply. I just find that drugstore base products, are not up to snuff, and not really worth saving that extra $15 or $20. Also, drugstore makeup has really become more expensive over the years, so if you are going to invest $20 in a foundation, why not spend an extra ten bucks, and open yourself to a whole range of formulas and shades that will likely suit your skin better.


My more mature clients often tell me they don’t wear mascara. To me, mascara is one of the ride or die, holy grail makeup products that instantly lifts your complexion. If you find mascara runs on you, you just need to keep trying different ones, until you find the one that works for you. The biggest tip that I can give you regarding mascara happens to be tip #4: don’t apply mascara to the lower lashes. This will save you a lot of the issues you may be facing with mascara. Nothing is there is smudge, and it saves you from looking, well, crazy. Another tip to help mascara from smudging, is to apply a tiny amount of translucent powder on the eyelid before you apply your mascara. This hinders any of the oils your eyelid produces, which can activate the mascara and cause it to run. There’s a bonus tip for you!


My last tip, relates to the first tip, bringing light to the complexion. One of the easiest and comfortable ways to do this is to go for the gloss. Tip #5 is, you guessed it: skip mattes on the lips and go for a lip oil, balm or gloss. If you want a little definition, pair it with a lip liner. The light that is reflected off that shiny gloss or balm, is very flattering, and I hate to say it, but it is youthful. So ditch the matte lipsticks, most of them have probably expired anyways, and go for a tinted gloss. I have included some of my favourites below. They are juicy and not sticky, my favourite combo.


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Skin care shout-out:

Origins Ginzing Moisturizer |" target="_blank">

→ Citrus scent is nice in the a.m., and works well under makeup

Shiseido Moisturizer |

→ Pricey but leaves a lovely glow to the skin. 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask |

→ Treats dry lips and adds a supple, satin finish. Lovely on it's own or over lip liner..

Neutrogena SPF |

→ Leaves a lovely satin finish on the skin; perfect under makeup. Spray for the body leaves a lovely glow.


Lip love:

Dior Lip Glow |

→ Lovely for everyday. Juicy lips are in your future.

Marc Jacobs Gloss |

→ I love the shade cream and sugar. Smooth, shiny with a lacquered finish.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector |

→ This one leaves a lovely shine, and is not sticky AT ALL. A winner all year round.

Clarins Lip Oil |

→ Another winner from Clarins. Super comfortable to wear, with a mirror like shine.

Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer |

→ One of the longest lasting glossy stains I have ever tried. Apply multiple layers for more colour payoff. A really unique lip product.

What to Look for When Searching for Bridal Makeup Inspiration

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Makeup inspiration for your wedding day is necessary, but can also be a little tricky. The internet is a bottomless pit for makeup and hair images, and 99% of the images you find are photoshopped, filtered or edited in some way. Lighting also has a huge impact on how the makeup photographs, and how flawless the skin looks. For example, many YouTube beauty gurus/bloggers will have a ring light or multiple lights when filming, or taking photographs. This lighting really "blanks out" any imperfections they might have, and add filters and editing to that, well, it's hard to compete with, never mind reproduce in any real way. Although I could talk at length about this, I am getting off topic. My goal with this post is to maybe change the dynamic a little. Over the years, as a bridal makeup artist, I have been shown many inspiration photos, and let me tell you, there is a lot of overlap. Below are the most frequent photos clients show me. I wanted switch it up a bit, and show you alternatives to these images. I think there are more modern takes on these makeup looks, and thanks to Meghan Markle, I think makeup for brides is going in this direction anyways: that direction being, skin first, makeup second. I will dive into more detail below, because I think pictures help to clarify what I mean...

Pay attention to how flat-looking the skin looks in the photo on the left, versus the right. Her whole look: eyeshadow, lips and skin, is quite matte and flat. I encourage you to inspect the look on the right. The skin has a satin finish, not too dewy and not completely matte. The finish on the eyes and lips is also a satin- it catches the light beautifully and looks fresh. The eyes have a luminosity, a glow that is warm, flattering and natural looking. The lashes look full and defined, no harsh black liquid liner. Those lashes look like her own (wink wink). The lips look full and creamy- unlike the matte lipstick on the left; where you can see the lip lines more.Finally the brows, I think speak for themselves. 

I want the take-away here to be the skin and the overall finish of the makeup- soft and glowing with definition, that is the perfect bridal makeup, in my opinion.

Again, skin is the focus here, as well as lashes. Listen; skin has texture, and we can pretend it doesn't, in this filtered, Instagram world, but when you are face to face with someone, you better believe they can see it. And, there's nothing wrong with that! Skin is alive, and should look like it. When I look at the image on the left, I see lashes first, then the rest of the face. When I look at the photo on the right, I see a glowing goddess, a natural beauty enhanced with makeup. The skin looks lush and glowy; whereas the skin on the left looks quite flat, and to be honest, really fake. I think makeup can really do a lot, but it cannot remove every bit of texture or fine lines, that's lighting and photo shop. Let's choose real beauty, real skin and a real glow from within.

See those expression lines, see that peach fuzz? That's real skin on the right. I love how Kate's cheeks have a natural flush to them, how her glassy lips catch the light. If you want to see real makeup on real faces, real smile lines, look at red carpet makeup. The image on the left is highly edited, lit from many angles and posed in such a way where her expression lines are subdued. If it is your wedding day, you will probably be grinning a lot. I mean it is the happiest day of your life. So smile big, and know that you will have some expression lines, and that is perfectly okay, that's normal! Kate still looks very beautiful, stunning- even though she has some expression lines, around her eyes and mouth. I think she is more inspiring than the model on the left.

When you see these images separately, I don't think it shows the contrast as much as when they are placed side by side- so you're welcome! See how almost cartoonish the image on the left looks? Well, that's because it is so edited and photo shopped, that it basically is a cartoon. I want you to pay special attention to the lashes and the brows in this one. I mean, I think you can clearly see the difference in the skin and lips for yourself. See how soft and wispy the lashes on the right look? These lashes are way more believable than the ones on the left. The left side ones almost look amature in comparison. The brows are both very filled in, but there is a big difference between them. The brows on the left are very linear on the top and bottom, I call these "Instagram Brows." See how the brow hairs on the right are left free on the top edge? This keeps them looking fluffy and natural, like how eyebrows would look in real life(imagine that!)

For more real-life makeup inspiration, head over to my Instagram page:

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Autumn and Winter Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Posted on November 1, 2018 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Oxblood Lips

Oxblood is a beautiful rich red, an is the perfect shade to take you into the cooler months. Oxblood also wears a bit cool on the lips, meaning it will look great with winter whites, and a big, white smile.

Burgundy Eyes

Burgundy is a nice alternative to brown, and a perfect compliment to brown eyes bringing out their hazel and olive tones. Try lining your eyes with a burgundy eyeliner instead of your brown eyeliner.


Glowing Skin

Fall skin is all about hydration. Now is the time to indulge in richer moisturizers and hydrating primers. I also like to add a little light reflection to my primer/moisturizer; reflecting light in a subtle and soft way.



Golden Highlight 

I love a good highlight all year round; but for Fall, I like to keep a hint of that warm glow, something with a warm golden tone, nothing too ashy or white.

Tea for Two...Bride and Groom: Taahirah & Sheraz

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

All Images by Photography by Azra

Burgundy and blush touches made this wedding oh so special- from the delicate bouquets to the exquisite floral lace on Taahirah’s wedding dress, to the wonderfully witty wedding hashtag (#SherazscupofT); pretty much every aspect of this wedding was pinterest-worthy. But don’t just take my word for it, check out some of my favourite moments below...❤

Vendor List:

Makeup: Face Time with Daniela


Photographer: Photography by Azra


Hair: NV Bridal Hair


Decorator: Creative Touch Design

Bouquet: Z Floral Design Studio


Wedding Outfit: Kleinfeld Canada


Cake: Make With Love by Tiffany


Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


Stationary: Kimi Arya


Rings: Diamondboi


Venue: Royal Ontario Golf Club



Contouring Tips

Posted on October 4, 2018 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Image by Focca Photography

Contouring can be intimidating, and difficult to get right on the first few tries. But, with makeup, like many things, practice makes perfect; and; trial and error is key to making contouring work for you. One of the best ways you can ease yourself into contouring is to be well prepared. This means the right products and tools, which will make the whole process a lot easier.


I have found that for most people, who have never really contoured before, a powder contour is a great product to start with. Powders are generally easier for most people to blend, and last well on the skin. Two of my favourite contouring powders are the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder and the Charlotte Tilbury FilmStar Bronze and Glow. Finding the right shade for your contour will help immensely with application.

Also, a contour product that is not too pigmented is key to it being user friendly. With makeup, your application will look natural if you start with a little product and build it up. A contour powder that goes on softly, will help with this process.

Image by Focca Photography


Finally, my last tip is all about the tools. If you struggle with contour, it may help you to invest in a good contour brush. My favourite is the Rae Morris small powder brush. A brush that is small and precise will help you with keeping your contour where you want it. Also, have your beauty sponge or foundation brush on hand to blend the edges of contour, so it looks like a natural shadow.

xx Daniela


Things Mentioned in this Post:

  • Charlotte Tilbury FilmStar Bronze and Glow


  • Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder

  • Rae Morris Deluxe Pro Blender Brush


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Wedding Wednesday: Grand Glamour in the Six

Posted on October 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

When I met Barbara, I knew instantly that we would hit it off. She was so positive and vibrant, I couldn’t wait to get her in my makeup chair. Getting her ready at the Windsor Arms Hotel in downtown Toronto was a real treat. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this beautiful wedding at the Eglinton Grand. Take a look for yourself, and try not to smile.




Wedding Vendors:


Getting Ready Location: Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto

Ceremony Location: Timothy Memorial Church

Wedding Reception Location: The Eglinton Grand

Photographer: Eric Cheng

Wedding Planner & Coordinator: Designed Dream

Floral Design: Ashton Creative

Event Decor & Rental: The Marie Collection

Head Table & Marquee Letters Rental: Marquee Letters Toronto

Bridal Makeup Artist: Face Time with Daniela

Bridal Hairstylist: Jazzy Cutz

DJ: Impact DJ

Bridal Gown: Maureen Patricia Bride

Groomsmen Suit: Garrison Bespoke

Violinist: Alireza Firoozi

Dessert Table: Dipped Donuts