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How to get the most out of your concealer (and my top picks)

Posted on October 2, 2018 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Highlight, correct and correct any makeup mistake with your new bff, concealer.

Here are ways I like to use concealer:

Highlight with concealer: when you highlight with concealer, you get a very subtle glow, that looks like good health, but really it’s good makeup (lol). I like to apply a very small amount of concealer to the center of the face, down the bridge of the nose, the chin and forehead, with a concealer slightly lighter and more radiant than the concealer I used to correct any dark or red spots. Using concealer in this way; to highlight the high points of the face; is a subtle way to bring light to the complexion without adding tons of glitter or shimmer to the skin.

I like to use the NARS radiant creamy concealer to highlight, as it has excellent coverage but imparts a subtle radiance to the skin:

Smooth and perfect the lip line: I like to use a tiny amount of concealer around the lip line, from the outer edges, to smooth out the lip line and really create a flawless and smooth appearance. I also like to apply a little concealer at the corners of the mouth, to really perfect the lip shape.

Tarte Shape Tape is one of the best for fuller coverage, and is very long lasting (as the mouth is an area where makeup tends to rub off first):

Sculpt those brows: You can use concealer around the brows to perfect the shape of the brow- much in the same way I described perfecting the lips. This is a great way to “outline” or map the brow shape, and clean up any small over-lining mishaps. Remember to use what you have left on the concealer brush before applying more product.

Clean up any makeup mistakes: concealer can act as an eraser for a multitude of makeup sins. It will make people think you can apply lipstick perfectly and winged liner effortlessly. Concealer will be your best friend for smoothing out that eyeliner wing, evening out that lip liner, or correcting that one brow that does not want to behave.

Eyelids! Apply a little concealer on your eyelids and instantly look more awake. Apply a touch of translucent powder to set them. This trick doubles as an eyeshadow primer as well. You’re welcome :)

Skip the foundation: On most days, I do not wear foundation- I know, I know, but I find concealer does the job for me. If you have pretty good skin and do not really suffer from acne or breakouts, redness or discolouration, you may be able to get away with just concealer as well. Or, if you are just having a no-makeup makeup day or want to streamline your makeup routine, try just applying concealer in the center of your face, and blend out with a foundation buffing brush.


For mature skin or fine lines around the eyes: look for a concealer that is thin in consistency and one that sets, so you do not need to use a powder, and it won’t crease. Keep the concealer only where you need it- be precise.

For fine lines and wrinkles, I like the Too Faced Sculpting concealer, it is very thin and almost elastic in texture:


Set it and forget it: I like to set my concealer with a little translucent powder. Remember, for lasting power, use powder. Laura Mercier has been my favourite for years, and is still going strong:

Xx Daniela


Eyeliner Tips

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Image by Maria Sergeyev Photography

Eyeliner can be tricky, but a little (ok, A LOT) of practice and the right products can make all the difference. Here are some of my tips to help you combat the eyeliner struggle:

  • To help with eyeliner that strays throughout the day, apply an eyeshadow primer onto the eyelids after concealer. When you powder your face, apply good layer of powder to the eyelids.

  • For more control, apply eyeliner in small, light dashes along the lash line. Then take a small smudger brush and blend them together to create a soft, blended line.

  • If you find applying the eyeliner pencil deposits too much product, try applying it onto your hand and dipping your smudger brush into the product, and dabbing off the excess. Then start applying the bit of eyeliner the brush has picked up onto the lash line.

  • Add a black or brown powder eyeshadow over top of your eyeliner, with a small smudger brush. Remember to tap off the excess product before applying. The powder on top of the liner will help to stop it from smudging.

  • Apply a thin layer of translucent powder on top and around the eyeliner, very lightly dusting overtop, with a soft fluffy brush. The translucent powder will help keep oils at bay and keep your eyeliner intact.

  • Practice your eyeliner at home when you are not in a hurry or rushing out the door. Practice and trial and error is really the key to perfecting your makeup routine.

Bridal Touch Up Kit

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Image by Purple Tree Photography

I always say that a little mindfulness can go a long way, when making the most of your hair and makeup on your wedding day. Not to sound preachy, but taking a little care of your hair and makeup after your artists have left you for the day, will go a long way in maintaining the style and longevity of your style session.

A big part of keeping the bridal hair and makeup pristine is having a bridal touch up kit, as well as a mini arsenal of multi use products that can remedy any situation that may pop up.


Every bride is unique, and I follow that up with the touch up kit; every kit is catered to the bride and her specific skin type, etc. But there are a few staples that I always include:

  • Lip Colour
  • Concealer
  • Blotting Sheets
  • Q-tips
  • Wands to apply concealer and lip colour
  • Double sided tape
  • Lash Adhesive (when the bride wear strip lashes)

Lip colour is the number one thing that needs touching up. It is best to touch up lipstick right before photos, so lips are fresh and lush for the camera. A good tip is to ask your maid of honour or a member of bridal party to remind you to top up your gloss. Use your wand to apply with precision, or have a bridesmaid do it for you.

Blotting sheets are great for absorbing excess oil and sweat without disturbing the makeup. If you are extra oily, I would recommend having extra blotting sheets in your bridal clutch. (they are slim enough to fit in most clutches). If you are not carrying a bridal clutch or purse, have one of your bridal party members carry some for you.

Q-tips are great used dry to roll away any bits of mascara flecks or glitter. Wands can be used to apply lip colour and concealer; or fix any little mishaps when re-applying.

Double sided tape is useful in a pinch for any minor dress or undergarment issues.

Lash adhesive is for strip lashes, as the band may come unglued. The adhesive bottle comes with an applicator. It may be helpful to have a bridal party member help you, as they can see at a better angle, where the adhesive needs to be applied.

 Image by Kate Simandl Photography

For the bride’s own personal makeup bag, at the venue or hotel where everyone is getting ready, I would recommend a few full size beauty products that she have on hand:

Translucent Pressed Powder: Translucent powder is great because you can take down any shine and mattify. Choose a very finely milled pressed powder, as a loose powder will be too messy on the big day. I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder, which has a mirror as well, and is pretty light weight.


Makeup Setting Spray: Although it has the word setting spray, it can be used throughout the day to refresh and reinvigorate your makeup. Be sure to spray at quite a distance from your face. I use the Pixi Beauty Makeup Setting Spray.

Blotting Sheets: Great to have on had for absorbing excess oil on the forehead, chin and sides of the nose. Sephora makes some great ones.

Makeup Remover Wipes: Keep makeup remover wipes by your bed so there’s no excuse to remove your makeup. Go for a cloth that cleanses and hydrates, if you will be skipping your night-time skin care. I like these individually wrapped ones by NuFace.

For brides that like to be prepared for any situation, or if you are staying at a hotel for the weekend of the wedding, here are some beauty product and personal hygiene recommendations:

Small mirror



Clear Nail Polish

Safety Pins

Bobby Pins

Double sided tape

Makeup remover wipes

Nail polish remover wipes



Nail file

Nail clippers

Hand lotion

Body lotion

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Dental floss




Shampoo and conditioner


Earring Backs

Small scissors

Face moisturizer

Body Wash

Facial cleanser


Extra contacts and solution

Eye drops

Cuticle scissors

Liquid bandage

Clips to keep hair back that don’t leave a mark in the hair

Phone charger

Extension cord

Small fan



Don’t forget the bridal party! Your squad is important too, and I never forget about them. I provide lip touch up kits for all the lovely ladies in the bridal party.

Image by Eric Cheng Photography

Xx Daniela


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Bridal Makeup Inspiration: Soft, Romantic & Unexpected

Posted on October 31, 2017 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Photography by the amazing Kate Simandl, (@katesimandlphoto) assisted by Gill Dykeman(@gilldykeman). Model is the breathtaking Shriya(@shriyadee) and last but certainly not least, the fab Nataliya V (@nvbridalhair) for hair. Location is Etobicoke, Toronto Ontario.

Romantic, dreamy and inspired are the adjectives I would use to describe the looks I aimed to create on this bridal photo shoot. I stayed away from the trends- Instagram brows, ultra highlighting and cat eyes, to name a few. I wanted something chic but a little unexpected. Yes these looks are editorial, but they are also very wearable. I include some tips along the way to get you inspired for your  wedding day, and beyond. 

1. Plush Pink

This classic, soft pink bridal makeup is flattering on a lot of different skin tones. The key is to find the right pink for you. For example, on redheads, I like lilac toned pinks, something a bit cooler in colour. For Shriya, I used the Bite Beauty Stick in Gelato as a base, and layered powder eyeshadows from the Dior Rosy Tan palette. Even though it is a soft wash of colour on the lids, a bit of eyeliner, smudged into the lash line really anchors the look. A well-defined brow complements the eyes beautifully, and a soft fluttery pair of lashes seals the deal. If you are shy about wearing false lashes on your wedding day, that's ok, but give them a go at your makeup trial, you may surprise yourself.

2. Purple Dream

For this look, I played off the colours of the flowers that would be worn in the model's hair, again taking her skin tone and features into account. If you are lost for where to begin with your bridal makeup, taking inspiration from your bouquet, head piece/comb and dress is a perfect starting point. 

For the eyes I used a pressed glitter- something that wasn't metallic but a fine shimmer. I don't think you should be afraid of a little sheen on the eyes, I think it catches the light quite beautifully. I finished the look with a glossy lip- something a little more editorial. If you would like to do a minimal lip, keep in mind that you should incorporate a long wearing lip liner into the mix. I used Subculture by MAC, a cult classic and a great shade for most skin tones.

3. Golden Goddess


For the final look we turned up the makeup to marry with the sari and jewelery the model would be wearing. A dark purple lip is a great alternative to red and compliments dark features beautifully. A n antique gold on the eyes was a great neutral to pair with the lip. If you plan on wearing a darker lip on your wedding day, I suggest going with a liquid lipstick, I used a Stila liquid lipstick here. The staying power is really wonderful with these products. I recommend trying a few different formulas or brands to see what you like best, colour wise and for comfort.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

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Check out my collaboration with Joy Events & Co for their blog post all about wedding makeup. Liv and Rachel ask some spot on questions which you have probably wondered yourself if you are newly engaged, or looking for a friend who will walk down the aisle soon. 

Blog Post

Back to Work: 4 Makeup Shopping Tips

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Cleanse and Refresh

Before you go shopping, take a hard look at your current makeup collection. Has that mascara seen better days? Does that lipstick actually dry out your lips? Toss what you are not reaching for, products that are old or have an odor. Next, think about your go to look- is it professional and work appropriate? You may need to make some tweaks. For example, you find your makeup does not last throughout the day, or you have last minute meetings and you find you don't have time for touch ups. Adding something like a makeup setting spray coupled with a primer can make your makeup last twice as long.

Adding thoughtful items that address your concerns will motivate you to follow through with your makeup routine and is a better use of your time and money.

2. Creating A Go To Look

Having a professional, go with everything look that you can wear to work is essential. Depending on your workplace, this will be different for everyone. What a yoga teacher wears to her class will be different than the advertising executive. Booking an in-store consultation is a good idea. You don't need to plan on buying everything that day, but it will give you an idea of what you may want to add to your collection, or things to avoid.

For women looking for more help with makeup, I recommend a makeup lesson. Most of my clients are professional women looking to learn the basics of an everyday look. A list of products and tools as well as recommendations is provided with every session, and is a great tool to guide you in your shopping for the future, which leads us to our next step: making a list.

3. Make a List

Creating a list will give you an objective when you go makeup shopping, and will give you a starting point when you enter the store. We all get distracted by shiny highlighter palettes, but who really needs more than one of these for their day to day life? Once you have retrieved the products you were after to complete your work look, than you can have a look and a play at the new launches or other goodies that are on offer. 

4. Ask for Help

Everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to skincare and makeup. That is what the store associates are there for, so use them! If they recommend something to you, ask them why they like it. Tell them what you have and what you are missing and they can make pointed suggestions, which will help streamline all the options that are available.