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Glowing From Within- Highlighting Tips For Oily Skin

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 10:20 AM

Highlighting or "strobing" is very on trend at the moment, but it can be difficult to master. Throw oily skin into the mix, and you can end up emphasizing your shine in a greasy rather than glowy way. Here are my tips for mastering the glow:

When To Highlight Is Key

If you normally apply your highlighter near the end of your makeup routine, try switching things up. Start with a cream highlight under your foundation- the foundation will lock in the glow, but in a subtle way. After moisturizing and priming your skin (more on that below) tap a small amount of cream highlight on the tops of your cheek bones. You can do a couple thin layers if you want a longer lasting finish. Then apply your makeup how you normally would and a soft glow will shine through.

Prime Time

If you like to use a glowy primer all over the face, you may want to be a bit more strategic. Apply an oil controlling or mattifying primer on your most oily spots, or where makeup seems to disappear, and apply your glowy primer only on the areas you want a glow. Preping your skin properly will ensure longevity and will help the makeup to look natural and like a second skin.

Center Stage

Many of the YouTube and Instagram beauty gurus will tell you to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose, the forehead and even the chin. If you are oily, this is a big no-no. The "T-zone" is notorious for oil production, and highlighting that area will only bring more attention to your shine. If you love highlighter, you can still highlight your cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and slightly on the tops of the brows, right above the arches. You still get that lovely glowy effect without bringing all the shine to your face. Bonus tip, use a small brush for more control, and blend the edges with your foundation or concealer brush for seamless strobeing goodness.

Product Placement

Finally, look for a highlighter that imparts a glow or sheen to the skin rather than a shimmer or glitter. These types of products will give a lovely glossy and healthy finish without looking over the top. Start small, because you can always add more shine, but it is more difficult to take it away.

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