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Up Your Beauty Game with These 4 Makeup Tips

Posted on May 19, 2021 at 4:10 PM

Polish up your makeup routine with these small but mighty makeup maneuvers...

4 ways to make your makeup look more polished:

1. Shape your lips with concealer, from the outside in

2. Bronzer to blend your eyeshadow + under eyes

3. Apply concealer under your eyebrows for more “lid space”

4. Use your face powder to blend your edges


1. Shaping your lips is one of the best ways to maximize your natural lip shape, or even-out any imbalances in the lips. A good example is say, slightly minimizing a larger bottom lip to match up with a thinner upper lip. You can also simply perfect the lip line, especially for those bolder or brighter lip colours. Using a flat concealer brush, trace under the lower lip, gently edging the lip line slightly. You can do this before you have lined your lips, and then once more, after you have applied your lipstick, keeping the brush just under the lipliner. This is a great technique to use when you want to feel more confident wearing red lipstick, or to just highlight your lips as a feature-focus on your face.


2. Bronzer is your blender. Bronzer makes a great crease shade for the eyes, and is also a useful blending colour, to bring the eyeshadow look together, and create a soft-focus, seamless look to your eyeshadow. It is also great on it’s own, in the crease/socket of the eye, for a fast way to define the eyes. You can also use a small pencil or smudge brush to apply bronzer on the lower lash line. This helps give soft definition to the eyes, and can help counteract your lower lash mascara from transferring throughout the day.

3. Cheat a little more lid space. Have you ever wished you had more eyelid space to apply eyeshadow? It is something I hear from my clients and students a lot. Well, concealer, one of the most versatile makeup products around, can help you with that. With your concealer brush, gently dab under the eyebrow, tracing along the edge, all the way across. Press and diffuse the concealer into the skin with your fingertip. This not only helps to give the illusion of a more shaped brow; but it helps “lift” the brow, thereby giving you a touch more space. Keeping the brows groomed also really helps with this, but try this concealer hack, when you are pressed for time- it really works!

4. Powder for a seamless finish. Powder is not only a great product for setting your makeup, it also works wonders for blending out any other powder products on your face. Using a small powder brush and a whisper of powder, blend the edges of your complexion makeup; blush, bronzer, contour, highlight and even the corners of your eyeshadow, for a smoothed out, professional finish. Use a soft hand, and carefully feather the brush where you can see any patchiness or demarcation lines- that little “step” I call it, between your foundation and the bronzer, blush or any colour powders you have applied to your face. Try to feather the brush upwards only, you will be surprised how much this can lift your whole complexion- from your cheekbones to your brow bones, my mantra is ABL- Always Be Lifting.



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