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How to get the most out of your concealer (and my top picks)

Posted on October 2, 2018 at 2:55 PM

Highlight, correct and correct any makeup mistake with your new bff, concealer.

Here are ways I like to use concealer:

Highlight with concealer: when you highlight with concealer, you get a very subtle glow, that looks like good health, but really it’s good makeup (lol). I like to apply a very small amount of concealer to the center of the face, down the bridge of the nose, the chin and forehead, with a concealer slightly lighter and more radiant than the concealer I used to correct any dark or red spots. Using concealer in this way; to highlight the high points of the face; is a subtle way to bring light to the complexion without adding tons of glitter or shimmer to the skin.

I like to use the NARS radiant creamy concealer to highlight, as it has excellent coverage but imparts a subtle radiance to the skin:

Smooth and perfect the lip line: I like to use a tiny amount of concealer around the lip line, from the outer edges, to smooth out the lip line and really create a flawless and smooth appearance. I also like to apply a little concealer at the corners of the mouth, to really perfect the lip shape.

Tarte Shape Tape is one of the best for fuller coverage, and is very long lasting (as the mouth is an area where makeup tends to rub off first):

Sculpt those brows: You can use concealer around the brows to perfect the shape of the brow- much in the same way I described perfecting the lips. This is a great way to “outline” or map the brow shape, and clean up any small over-lining mishaps. Remember to use what you have left on the concealer brush before applying more product.

Clean up any makeup mistakes: concealer can act as an eraser for a multitude of makeup sins. It will make people think you can apply lipstick perfectly and winged liner effortlessly. Concealer will be your best friend for smoothing out that eyeliner wing, evening out that lip liner, or correcting that one brow that does not want to behave.

Eyelids! Apply a little concealer on your eyelids and instantly look more awake. Apply a touch of translucent powder to set them. This trick doubles as an eyeshadow primer as well. You’re welcome :)

Skip the foundation: On most days, I do not wear foundation- I know, I know, but I find concealer does the job for me. If you have pretty good skin and do not really suffer from acne or breakouts, redness or discolouration, you may be able to get away with just concealer as well. Or, if you are just having a no-makeup makeup day or want to streamline your makeup routine, try just applying concealer in the center of your face, and blend out with a foundation buffing brush.


For mature skin or fine lines around the eyes: look for a concealer that is thin in consistency and one that sets, so you do not need to use a powder, and it won’t crease. Keep the concealer only where you need it- be precise.

For fine lines and wrinkles, I like the Too Faced Sculpting concealer, it is very thin and almost elastic in texture:


Set it and forget it: I like to set my concealer with a little translucent powder. Remember, for lasting power, use powder. Laura Mercier has been my favourite for years, and is still going strong:

Xx Daniela


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