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5 Women with Signature Makeup Looks That Will Inspire You to Get Your Own

Posted on September 21, 2020 at 11:05 AM

Developing a signature makeup look may take time, but investing in yourself will never be something you regret. I liken a signature makeup look to a fashion uniform- pieces that fit your lifestyle and personal style, while making you feel put together and ready to tackle the day. Makeup can have that effect to, and is something you can wear when you need that extra confidence boost. Another benefit to having a signature makeup look is that once you wear it enough, it can take you 10 minutes or less to achieve, and become a seamless part of your routine.

Here are 5 women who have pulled off the signature makeup look; to help inspire you to perhaps one day, create your own. There are three things that all these looks have in common: each look plays to the woman’s strengths- in term of facial features, they have confidence in their own style and they don’t overload every facial feature with product.

First up is Meghan Markle, and her signature look is what I like to call the Modern Smokey - matte smokey eyes paired with a natural, slightly dewy complexion. This look works because Meghan plays to her strengths- her beautiful, radiant skin; and her face framing dark hair. If she wore smokey eyes with a heavy, full coverage foundation the look would be dated. Because she keeps the skin fresh and light, the smokey eye makeup isn’t harsh, it’s alluring. She keeps it minimal and chic with a “my lips but better” lip and doesn’t go crazy with false lashes.

Reason it works:

- Keeps complexion fresh and natural, doesn’t “compete” with eye makeup

- Keeps it minimal and chic

- Skips the full coverage foundation, lets skin show through

Next is Taylor Swift, and she wears the look that I have dubbed the Lip ‘n Liner Combo- a red lip that never looks drying, and some definition on the eyes and brows. I think this look works so well on Taylor because she has a beautifully symmetrical lip shape, and she has little redness in her skin. The red lip plays off this well, and she keeps the eyes and brows defined, to balance the red lip, so the look is cohesive, but still “natural” looking; natural meaning nothing looks harsh or out of place.

Reason it works:

- Little redness in her face, balances the red lip with defining but natural makeup

- Shows her top feature

- Still has eye makeup and brows for definition

- Skips any heavy contour, keeps complexion fresh


The third signature look comes in the form of California Glam with none other than Jennifer Aniston. What I love about this look is that it is deceivingly a full face of makeup, but looks effortless for Aniston. She knows what looks good on her and doesn’t really stray, even into her 50s, she has made some tweaks, but the overall look is the same. I would say “looking healthy” is the key to this look, which means a tan/warm complexion, peachy blush a great mascara (and she often wears lashes) and not too pale peachy-pink lips. Defined brows, smudged eyeliner, and a slightly dewy complexion finish the look. I think Jennifer’s easy hairstyle and love of a good tan really compliments this look, and is one of the key reasons it works for her. It is a great “wear anywhere” makeup, and goes with any outfit or occasion.

Reason it works:

- Ultimate wear anywhere makeup, always looks polished but not trying too hard

- May go a touch smoky with her eye makeup, but does not stray from this look (especially her complexion makeup)

- Tanned, healthy complexion

- Skips bright and super dark matte lips, says no to liquid lipstick


Zooey Deschanel is another lady who plays to her strengths- she puts the emphasis on her eyes and her beautiful fair complexion with what I call the Doll-Eyes look. She balances the eye-makeup with a “just bitten” lip- which I love because it almost highlights her beautiful skin by creating a soft contrast, and reflects off her blue eyes making them look bluer. She keeps the skin relatively matte as well, which works in her favour. Her bangs also frame her eyes beautifully, which compliments the doll-eyes look perfectly. Her large eye shape can carry a good amount of eye makeup, so she never looks overdone. A soft pink blush finishes the look.

Reason it works:

-  Top liquid liner and kitten flick  define the eyes, clean lower lash line keeps the eye lifted. Full mascara lashes, top and bottom frames the eyes perfectly.

- A fresh medium pink on the lips and cheeks rounds out the look. COmplexion a demi-matte, skin like finish

- Bangs and eye makeup keep the focus on her signature feature, her blue eyes

- Skips any kind of pale lip, complexion evened out with but never cakey

Last but not least is another pale sister- Keira Knightly and the Smokey Eyes Till I Die look. I don’t think I have ever seen this woman without a smokey eye and a full brow- it is her signature and looks great on her. For eye makeup Keira does go for browns mostly, which I think is universally flattering more than black, and she never goes crazy with bronzer or contouring, and keeps a little shine on the lips; overall keeping the makeup looking fresh and modern. Keira has what I call a “face for makeup;” meaning she can carry a lot of makeup and not look overdone; so a smokey eye isn’t too much and doesn’t overwhelm her features. One last note is that she never skips blush- I think blush, when applied correctly, will always reference youth and health, and keeps a smokey look balanced.

Reason it Works:

- Eyes are the focus of this look; with eyeshadow and liner focused on outer two-thirds of the eyes

- Full Brows, and never skips blush

-Embraces the pale, lip has a little shine, never full matte

-Changes up lip colour, but keeps the eye makeup and brows the same

- Never goes ham on contour or bronzer, skips glitter or too much shine 


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