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The trial is an important step for the bride. 
Often she will have an idea of the makeup and hair that she pictures for herself on her big day, but when that look is executed, it may not be exactly right, and a few adjustments need to made. 

This is a process, and making adjustments is part of that process. In order to prepare for the trial, here are a few key things to keep in mind:
  • Pictures are a great way to communicate the look you are after. Keep in mind that skin tone, texture (dryness, fine lines etc) 
    and facial features will affect the recreation of a specific makeup look. 

  • Have an open mind to suggestions made by your artist, who can recommend minor changes to the look to suit your
     face shape and 
    highlight your best features.

  • Makeup for photography is different than makeup in real life- the goal is always to strike a balance between these two.
    For photography, keep in mind that a more defined look is necessary for the camera.

  • The trial look may not be exactly what you want- and that's okay! My job is to blend your vision with my expertise,
    and sometimes we need to make a few tweaks. Feedback during the trial is crucial, and changes can be made quite easily for the big day.

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