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Virtual Makeup Lessons

Learning a new skill is always a great idea- especially when it can be 

a confidence booster, or even part of a routine that helps you feel ready to take on your day. 

Makeup application is something that takes time and practice; but learning 

the right techniques and tips to get that makeup look right makes all the difference!

This year, I am launching virtual makeup lessons. Although I still feel in-person, one-on-one learning is best, 

there is still a lot that can be taught and demonstrated via the online world. Traditionally, with in person makeup lessons, 

I have my entire professional makeup kit available to the participant. There is a large variety of foundation shades and textures, different brushes and tools, a multitude of blush hues, lipstick shades, and so on. While that is not an option with online learning, 

I have created a few options for lessons, that cater to (what I believe) are the needs of young and mature women alike, whether they are beginners, makeup lovers, or somewhere in between.


Virtual Lessons are $50 per lesson, and are for one-on one learning. 

Payment is accepted with e-transfer. Payment can be sent the same day as the appointment. 


Call or text Daniela


Take a look at the different lesson options below, and choose the one that best suits your needs. For help selecting your lesson, or for any questions, call or text Daniela at 416-452-7059 or send an email to 

Polished and Professional


Simply, this lesson is for the woman who wants to look more put together for work and for life. This lesson is designed for the woman that is pretty comfortable with makeup, and has somewhat of a routine, and a few good products; but she wants to elevate her skills, and incorporate products that go unused, or master more advanced techniques, like eyeshadow looks or contouring.

Makeup For Beginners


This lesson is a good option for the makeup newbies, beginners, or those looking to learn how to do their makeup for a new stage in life, and feel they are starting from scratch. This lesson is designed with those in mind that have little to no makeup products, brushes or tools; and are looking for an easy, minimalistic makeup routine. Recommendations for products based on lifestyle and budget are available for this lesson.

Teen Makeup


Makeup shouldn't be complicated, especially when you are young! With a simple, easy and practical approach, this lesson teaches the basics, and establishes a good routine for any young woman looking for a good, everyday makeup routine. The focus in this lesson is enhancing natural beauty, tips for application, and age appropriate makeup. 

*All lessons are conducted over Zoom*


Tools & Products For Virtual Lesson Should Include:

Essential Base Products: 

Moisturizer, Lip balm, Foundation, Concealer and Face Powder. 

Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream can work as well.

Eyes & Brows: 

Brow Gel



Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter


Lip Liner, Lipstick/Gloss


Lash Curler 


Paper Towel


Foundation Buffing Brush

Small Powder Brush

Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Crease/Blending Brush

Concealer Brush

Brow Brush/Angle Brush

- Brushes can be multi-use, so don't worry if you don't have every brush listed here. 

- These are recommendations, but don't be shy to have all your favourite products or tools on hand. Extras like brow pencils and gels, eyeshadow, eye/face palettes, contour products, setting spray, eyeliner, primer etc. can be included! 

-Quickly run through everything you have, and see if anything is older than a year or expired- especially mascara and foundation.