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Learn how to apply makeup easily and how to choose the right products for your skin tone and lifestyle. 

Utilize your new skills to perfect your look for professional outings, date night, black tie events, 
family gatherings, professional photos, anniversaries, birthdays and all the special events in your life.

To book a makeup lesson please call or text 

Daniela at (416) 452-7059 

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A Makeup Lesson is $200 total; no tax on top. It includes the in-person session as well as a document,  which includes all the products used during the session, as well as the steps covered to achieve the look. 

Makeup Lessons are available at Daniela's home studio in Etobicoke; and are ideal for anyone looking to learn a polished everyday look; the basics for developing a daily makeup routine; or are looking to refresh their look for an upcoming event or a new season in their life. 

Currently, Daniela teaches one on one makeup lessons 

(two person & group lessons are unavailable at this time).

The most popular lesson is the Perfect 10 - 10 Minute Makeup LessonDaniela works with women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Please note that Daniela teaches a natural style of makeup, and believes we should embrace our own unique beauty and not try to look like someone else. 

All lessons are accompanied by a PDF Makeup Guide which includes all the products used during the session, as well as the steps covered to achieve the look. Daniela also includes bonus recommendations and tips for cleansing your makeup brushes.

One makeup lesson lasts for an hour and a half to 2 hours. When booking, keep in mind that this is the suggested time, and the lesson may run longer or shorter, depending on the needs of the individual participant. 

What To Expect At Your Lesson:

The focus of every makeup lesson is on technique-based learning; with an emphasis on natural looking makeup;
 that is suitable for the individual's skin tone, age and lifestyle. 

The participant should be prepared to book an hour and a half to about two hours for the lesson. 

The lesson is somewhat curated to the individual, and depending on their skill level, more or less time may be necessary. 

The makeup lesson is an opportunity to learn, and to gain an understanding of how makeup can work into your everyday life; 
and not really the time for a makeover; or to reproduce a complicated makeup look from social media.

Learning means that things may not look perfect right away, but trusting the process is an integral part of 
mastering a technique or learning a new skill. A skill is something that is practiced, and then perfected; 
allowing some time for the skill to materialize is necessary.

These makeup lessons were designed to steer away from trends, and focus on makeup techniques that will help 
you create a look that works for you. If you are looking to learn how to do makeup that will completely change 
how you look, these lessons are not for you.

Techniques that are involved, such as cut creases, liquid eyeliner, false lashes, full-coverage "Instagram" makeup, 
and advanced contouring are not what these lessons are about. Rather, the techniques taught are 
foundational, and focus on the individual's unique features, skin tone and what is flattering for them.

Here are some of the talking points and techniques we go over:

- A step by step tutorial teaching you how to create a fresh, natural makeup look

- Foundation matching tips, and how to blend for a seamless, professional finish

- A complete makeup routine that you can recreate at home, that feels natural to you.

- A PDF list of all the products and tools used, 
and a step by step guide outlining all the steps of the lesson

- Product recommendations based on your lifestyle, 
budget and skin type

- A private and relaxing atmosphere to get the most out of your lesson

- The opportunity to test high quality, professional luxury products and tools
Choose from one of the lessons listed. Not sure which lesson is right for you? 
Beginners should start with the PERFECT 10 - 10 Minute Makeup Lesson.

*Please note that Daniela does not teach how to apply false lashes*

*Perfect 10- 10 Minute Makeup Lesson

Learn how to create a very natural yet polished makeup look by using the right products and techniques. An excellent choice for beginners! Great everyday look for work, brunch, or just running errands. 

Learn what kinds of products suit your lifestyle and budget. This is a fuss-free approach to a makeup routine that you can do at any age!


Event Makeup- Soft Glam

Learn how to create a beautiful event or special occasion makeup, perfect for attending a wedding, a special date night or upscale event. 

Eye makeup techniques are the main focus of this lesson; along with creating a long-lasting and photo ready makeup look. 


Vintage Beauty- Modern Makeup For Mature Women

Refresh your makeup routine & give yourself the gift of modern beauty. I can show you great tips and techniques to get you out of that makeup routine that you were doing in your teens and twenties- makeup has changed a lot since then! 

If you have never worn makeup until now, let me teach you the basics of how to create a fresh and modern look that you can wear with confidence and grace.


How To Prepare For Your Lesson:

- It is recommended to arrive to your lesson with a clean, makeup-free face. 

- To prep the skin for makeup, exfoliate gently, and apply a light moisturizer with SPF .

- Please do not bring anyone with you to your lesson. 

- Payment should be made prior to your lesson. If you are paying in cash, please have the 

exact amount ready before the lesson begins.

- If you require glasses or a magnifying mirror, please bring these items along with you.

- Hair should be completely off your face, tied or pinned back (including bangs).

For more information or to book a makeup lesson, 

call or text 416-452-7059